Vision and Mission



RCPL has a simple twofold vision:

“To emerge from the position of a local leader to a global player in the services sector and delivering innovative solutions using open source technologies. “Lifetime customers – to earn trust and a steadfast relation, by listening, understanding and creating value”.

These vision statements are an aspiration for all at RCPL and to this we will be committed. To achieve the same we shall constantly introspect, develop and transform ourselves.



To understand, that we are a part of the service industry and practice that “the client and their needs always come first and this will start with listening to the client.

“We aspire to deliver defect-free products, services and solutions to meet the requirements of our clients, the first time and every time”.

To provide high quality services that combine performance with value pricing, while establishing a successful relationship with our customers and our suppliers.

To constantly strive to meet, exceed, customer needs and expectations of price, service, and selection. To this end, we will perform periodic reviews of the marketplace and our practices to improve our offerings.

To constantly build and follow processes based on best practices, which will develop each individual of the company and thereby constantly develop the company.

To stay ahead of the competition by providing innovative solutions based on new technologies. To be honest, ethical, dedicated, committed and responsible at all times.